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We teach small businesses how to build & manage their websites, target and be found by their ideal clients.


The Rough Diamond Academy is a community dedicated to empowering business owners to take control of their online presence through education, support and guidance.

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We all start somewhere! Stake your claim and learn the fundamentals of getting your business online and creating a powerful presence!

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Take your online presence to the next level by mining deeper into the processes that get results. Unearth the gems by learning how to be found!

Enjoy The Rewards!

What's better than one diamond! A whole lotta diamonds! Get support and encouragement from other business owners that are in the trenches with you!

What's It All About?

A Place to Learn, a Place To Grow!

Getting the right support for small business can be tough, and expensive! No wonder so many small business owners opt to take on the task of creating and managing their own websites, social media, etc. And that's no easy thing when you've got a million other things to do as well. It can soak up hours in trying to learn new skills, deal with problems, and end up being a massive pressure. But when you can't afford a web developer, designer, copywriter, seo manager, marketing strategist, etc... what are you supposed to do?! And so, you do the best you can!

That's where The Rough Diamond Academy comes in. We provide the support small business needs to get their website online, keep it there, and make it effective. Our FREE Facebook group is there to answer question and offer group support. And, soon we'll be offering online courses to add further support and knowledge.

Join our community and take control of your online presence!

What's In The Rough Diamond Academy?

Supporting You!

We are here to help you grow your business! Here's what you get when you join The Rough Diamond Academy:

  • Courses on everything from registering Domain Names, Building Websites, Creating Content, and much, much more...
  • Community to support you and help you along the way! People just like you, navigating their way through the online landscape.
  • Regular Podcasts about having, maintaining and maximising your online presence.
  • Webinars to delve deeper into the course content, including Q&A.

Who Is The Rough Diamond Academy For?

Your Support Community

Whether you're a Solopreneur, a business owner or part of a team responsible for getting a business online and getting results, The Rough Diamond Academy is here to help and support you!

Mine courses ranging from Domain Names through to Websites and Email Marketing Funnels to unearth the treasures that await you to help you polish the diamond that is your business!

A community of fellow miners is here to support and encourage you, guided by experienced miners who've had (and still have) their hands dirty working the fields.

More Questions? We Have Answers!