The Diamond Mine Episode 1

David Fuller with Dr Tess Crawley

In Episode 1 of The Diamond Mine we are joined by Psychologist, Business Coach and Business Owner, Dr Tess Crawley. Tess brings her no nonsense advice on surviving isolation and pivoting a business during the era of COVID-19.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most united we've ever been as a species
  • Grief, fear and anxiety are normal
  • We need to adjust. It's a transition
  • There will be a new normal
  • Stay connected with your team and other business owners
  • Be careful what you listen to and read
  • Avoid things that play on drama and feed fear
  • Look to the people who are staying calm and steady
  • Necessity is the mother of invention
  • Find new ways to communicate
  • Find new ways to do business
  • Don't under sell you value, charge your worth
  • There will an after this - watch your behaving during the crisis it will determine how you are seen after this.
  • Innovate
  • Support local where you can
  • Communicate with your community
  • The is opportunity to grow and expand
  • Your niche is more about your message than your clientele
  • People often lurk in the background (productive lurking) before contacting you, so don't stop spreading your message
  • Difference between reputation and legacy
  • Give away knowledge to create value and reputation and legacy


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