The Diamond Mine Episode 2

David Fuller with Ed Goyette

Ed Goyette joins David Fuller on this episode of The Diamond Mine.

Ed is the owner and operator of Bean Towne, a coffee house in Hampstead, New Hampshire, USA. He has a great tale to tell about pivoting his business in the era of Covid-19, community spirit, and looking after the workers on the front line. Bean Towne's program, Fuel The Front Line is a brilliant example of pivoting a business, engaging the local community and looking after the people looking after the community!

Key Takeaways:

  • 70% drop in business overnight
  • Go back to core values
  • Go back to helping people
  • Went from a sit down coffee house to take-out only
  • Ramped up cleaning and hygiene as top priority
  • Created physical barriers to force social distance
  • Saw an opportunity to help frontline healthcare workers
  • Fuel The Frontline was born
  • Within 24 hours had process ready to go
  • Launched an online ordering system with 48 hours
  • Most rewarding work he's ever done
  • Exceeded expectation 10 fold
  • When you're doing good don't be afraid to share it
  • Human beings deep down want to help
  • By giving people the opportunity you give them a chance to be their best selves
  • Feed the gratitude, the thanks, back to the community
  • Crisis shone a light on what they did well
  • People will support a good cause when asked
  • Going forward this will be part of the business in some form
  • Market has expanded as a result of crisis going forward
  • Imagine your business relied on donations only - that's how good your service as to be
  • People feel good when they do the right thing and will align themselves with businesses they see doing good
  • Grab the chance to get involved with community programs doing good - donations, etc. Say yes when asked and add more value than requested
  • Realised they need to simplify the menu to make things easier and faster
  • Take what you're learning in the crisis and weave it into the tradition model of business going forward
  • Business is problem solving and change

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