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A Consistent Approach to Writing Wins In The Long Term

Taking a consistent approach to writing, a brick by brick approach, will see you reaping the rewards in the long term. I see so many people writing articles for their business only to quit after a handful of efforts. This is partly because they never develop the habit of writing consistently, and partly because they are looking for instant results.

Results Take Time

If you're expecting to suddenly find yourself at the top of Google rankings because you wrote an article of two, think again! It takes repeated effort to break through to any sort of ranking position in search engines. You are not the only one out there jostling for a spot. And if your entire focus is on writing for SEO you are probably writing for the wrong reasons. Write to bring value to your audience. Write to share ideas and information that is of interest to the people who are likely to find it useful. Write to expand your understanding of your own business and the value it brings. Write... for people.

Share Your Writing

Once you've written your article share it with your community. Why wait for search engines to index it in the hope of being found? Be proactive! Share your post on your social media streams. If people are following you they are interested in your business. So take your work to them directly!

Another way of doing this is to include your post, or several articles, in your email campaigns. This can be either as a newsletter style of campaign where you send out a regular updates to your customer list or even in your opt in funnels. Including a post link in your nurture sequence is a good way of adding value to potential customers and showing your  credentials as an expert in your field.

Of course, if these methods generate traffic to your site this also helpful to your other goal of increasing your search engine rankings.

Brick By Brick

Building a presence takes time. It takes effort. If you just want to cross a river once you can swim or use a boat, but if you want to traverse the river whenever you desire, you need to build a bridge. It takes time. It's done brick by brick. But, once it's established there's a reliable route across the river. Your articles are bricks. Start laying them now. Start building the pathway to your business.


David Fuller

CEO - Rough Diamond Academy

For over 21 years David has been building websites for clients. In 2013 he pivoted from running a web design agency to working hands on with clients to help them build their businesses by reaching their ideal clients. Going beyond the website. The experience of working at the coal face is the foundation of The Rough Diamond Academy. Real life experience for real life businesses. It starts with building a site, but that's only the beginning!

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