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Writing Regular Articles Adds Power To Your SEO

If you want to be found by search engines, and therefore your potential customers, you need content that is of value to the people looking for it. It's a simple equation. The more content that adds value to your ideal customers, the more chance you have of being indexed for the search terms those customers are looking for.

Think of it like an iceberg. 90% of an iceberg is below the water line. The bigger the iceberg, the bigger it appears above the water line. Simple.

So it is with content. The more content you provide to be indexed, the more content appears above 'the water line' in search results.

Iceberg SEO, if you would.

Aren't Information Pages Enough?

No, simply put. One page of information only gives you one chance of being indexed, and therefore being found. You add power by writing articles about the subject in posts. If you have 1 page and 9 posts on a subject, you now have a better chance to get one page or post (the 10%) above the water line.


The biggest mistake I see people making is giving up way before they have a chance to see the fruits of their labour. "But I wrote 3 articles and they haven't helped!" Yep. Write 30. Write 300!

They don't have to be War and Peace! 300 to 600 words is a good start. A 300 word post is better than no post! A smattering of longer posts is ideal. Mix it up. If a topic gets you going, keep going! Write a series. Revisit the topic in another post. Just keep writing!

Variations on the Subject

Another power of writing posts is that you use variations of the key terms you want to be found for. These variations add more unique terms to the search index. Subtle variations like plurals and bigger variations like alternate names and additional information that may not be in the information pages. This doesn't work as well if it's all done on one page alone. If it's all in one big long page, how does a search engine know what's the most important?

Part of this is that when writing posts we tend to have a different approach, less formal, more relaxed, than when we are writing the information pages for our website. Pages tend to be more formal than a post. Another way of thinking about this is that we use a difference voice when writing posts. This is a good thing. Variation is part of the goal.

So, write posts to add to the power of your content. Write posts for your customers and potential customers. Cover everything you can think of that might be useful, and put it in a post.

Iceberg SEO gets a boost

It's been my experience that once a website starts to get indexed, and the content within it is seen as relevant, it's like an iceberg with an additional booster. A website that is seen as a trusted source, a relevant source of information, will do better than a regular iceberg! You'll see more 'above the waterline'!

Write Something! Today!


David Fuller

CEO - Rough Diamond Academy

For over 21 years David has been building websites for clients. In 2013 he pivoted from running a web design agency to working hands on with clients to help them build their businesses by reaching their ideal clients. Going beyond the website. The experience of working at the coal face is the foundation of The Rough Diamond Academy. Real life experience for real life businesses. It starts with building a site, but that's only the beginning!

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