People Before Search Engine Robots

People Before Robots; Search Engines Can Wait! If you're structuring your writing forvsearch engines without thought to the reader, you ha...
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Stop Writing For Search Engines!

If you are structuring your blog posts with a view to manipulating search engine rankings, without a full consideration to your reading audience, you have it arse about! Search engine don't read articles, people do!

Search Engine Rankings Matter

Yes, search engine rankings matter, but not as much as engaging your readers. How does it serve you to rank highly for a given phrase only to have the reader abandon the article because it is hard to read, or feels unnatural, or simply is structured for an algorithm and not for a human? It doesn't help you, that's the answer!

People Are Your Target

People read, people buy, people engage, people search, etc. It's people that are your target, not search engines. Your job is to provide information of value to your audience, and present it in such a way that it is a joy to read, and useful! That's it! People go to search engines, like Google, to look for solutions to their problems. Your job is to write about the solutions you provide to peoples problems. The search engines are pretty good and working out the matching of your solutions to the problems that people need to solve. They've come a long way and don't need to your help quite as much as you might think.

That's not to say that you can't structure your posts in a way that is easier for a search engine to index. You can definitely do that, and we'll cover it in another article, it's just that you should always write for people first and then modify for search engines. Never structure for search engine optimisation at the expenses of the people who are the intended audience.

If in doubt, write for your audience and let the search engines take care of themselves.



David Fuller

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