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Plan Your Articles to Keep The Momentum Going

Planning your articles in advance is an important step in maintaining the momentum for your business blogging. It's a fairly common occurrence to run out of ideas when relying on them to pop up on the day you are writing. The best way to avoid this scenario is to plan your articles in advance. Having a list of predefined topics ready to go is a must for taking the pressure off and avoiding those 'what the hell do I write about' moments!

So, if you aren't already keeping a list of topics handy, now is a great time to start.

Take Note

The method I use is a simple list on my phone. I use Evernote, my goto notes app, to keep a list of ideas as they pop up. This way I've always got a list handy. I like the phone list because my phone is always close at hand, but a good old fashioned paper list is fine if that's what you prefer. Whatever works for you! The main thing is you start and maintain a list of ideas to refer to when you're sitting to write your articles.

Ideas Are Infectious

A great side effect of writing down ideas as they arrive is that they are rather infectious things. One idea quickly turns into two, etc. And because they are all captured immediately I don't lose them to the vagaries of an overwhelmed memory. Life is busy and demanding... please don't rely on your memory!

Schedule Your Articles

While you're in the writing zone you may find yourself writing, or partially writing multiple articles. Brilliant! Roll with it. You don't need to publish your articles immediately. In WordPress, for example, you can write articles and leave them in draft form to complete at a later date, or if you have finished the article you can publish to a future date (and time). That way you can get ahead in your blogging and take pressure off yourself.

Remember The 5 Ps

Remember the 5 Ps and you can't go wrong! Proper planning prevents poor performance!

Plan, plan, plan! 


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