Websites, a Small Business Dilemma (Part 3)


Developing a small business website - everything is hard, until it's not!

In part 2 of this series we looked at the challenges of building or redeveloping a website with limited time and energy.

In part 3 we are going to take a look at knowledge and skills.

What don't you know?

Seriously. What don't you know? Make a list!

To get the knowledge and skills we need to build our website we need to know what we don't know. And then, we are going to fills the gaps in our knowledge and develop the skills we need!

We Are Here to Help!

It's more shameless self promotion time again! Not only do we have a community that we hope you will join, we are also developing an Academy where you can learn! At the time of writing this article we are developing the courses and we aren't quite open, but why not get on the waiting list?!
Bring your questions to our community and we'll do our best to answer them, or point you to to resources that can help.

Search YouTube Tutorials

You can learn just about anything on YouTube. You just need to know what you don't know so you can find the knowledge you need.

Join Groups

Seek out groups, like ours, that are there to assist. Don't be shy. Ask questions. There are no stupid questions. There are only holes in your knowledge. Fill them!


While you're learning you may need to outsource tasks to get you going. With limited budget this may be challenging, but it may be a compromise you need to make. Consider getting a student or intern to assist.

And remember, everything is hard until it isn't!

You've got this!


David Fuller

CEO - Rough Diamond Academy

For over 21 years David has been building websites for clients. In 2013 he pivoted from running a web design agency to working hands on with clients to help them build their businesses by reaching their ideal clients. Going beyond the website. The experience of working at the coal face is the foundation of The Rough Diamond Academy. Real life experience for real life businesses. It starts with building a site, but that's only the beginning!

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