When To Give Up Blogging?

When To Give Up Blogging | Hint: Don't! | Rough Diamond Academy
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When To Give Up Blogging? Hint: Don't!

It can be disappointing when you write a great article and get no response. But, is that a reason to quit? At what point do you throw in the towel and call it a day? Well, I would argue that no response is not a great yard stick to go by, or reason to quit. It's silence, not rejection.

A huge problem with expecting an immediate response is that it assumes your blog is relevant to everyone all the time. This goes for social media posts as well. But if you're writing to provide information of value to your audience there's several things you don't know, and may never know.

Who's Listening? (Or reading)

You never know when someone is reading your words. An assumption that everyone who does will respond in some form or fashion is misplaced. Most people will never tell you they are following you, or may not tell you for some time. This happens all the time with social media. I'm often told by people in person that they loved a certain post, or series of posts, and yet they have never liked said posts or left a comment, etc. They are the shadow watches, the lurkers (in the nicest of possible ways) You are having a quiet impact and you don't even know it! How sad would it be if you gave up and lost having that impact?!


I've mentioned this before. Your content is not always relevant in the moment. It's a matter of context and timing. Just because you were ready to push publish doesn't mean your audience was ready to read! You are creating content for future reference. This is probably more true of blogs than social media posts, but even then I'm often surprised when when an old social post is liked followed by a follow. The audience was ready, and my content was there. Context. Timing.

It's a Service

If you are writing for the purpose of providing value to your audience that is reason enough, or should be. Yes, it's nice to get feedback, but keep believing you are providing that service, that value to your community and keep writing. The feedback will come, and often in the most unexpected form and times. You are creating a library of value and that takes time.

It's For You Too

Writing is a great way to think through your business products and services. The very act of writing a blog is consolidating ideas that will lead to value not only for your audience but for you as a business owner. It's amazing how often writing blogs leads to a clarity around a direction or idea.

It's a Great Discipline

Creating a habit of writing is a great discipline that helps develop the resilience muscle. It's easy to quit, but a small business owner need to develop a learn term vision and the patience and belief to create it. It takes discipline! Hang on there, keep writing, keep growing, keep learning, keep providing value!


David Fuller

CEO - Rough Diamond Academy

For over 21 years David has been building websites for clients. In 2013 he pivoted from running a web design agency to working hands on with clients to help them build their businesses by reaching their ideal clients. Going beyond the website. The experience of working at the coal face is the foundation of The Rough Diamond Academy. Real life experience for real life businesses. It starts with building a site, but that's only the beginning!

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