WordPress – Should I Pay For Plugins?

Wordpress - Should I Pay For Plugins?

Should I Pay For WordPress Plugins?

Should I pay for WordPress Plugins? Given that you can get free plugins for WordPress, and WordPress itself is free, why should I pay for a plugin? It seems to be at odds with the whole WordPress 'free' thing, doesn't it?

Well, not really. In fact, not at all!

Plugins Are Addons, Not WordPress

The architecture of WordPress allows for third party developers to create code that extends the features of the core. Some of these developers create plugins for free, or a 'lite' version of a plugin that is free. But at the end of the day, developing is how they make their living. And like anyone creating a value add it's not at all unreasonable to be paid for that added value. In fact I would argue that payments for plugins are not only supporting the developer, they are supporting the ongoing viability of the entire WordPress environment. A developer that is paid for their work can continue to developer further functionality, additional plugins, and support existing plugins they've developed. And so, there is often a premium version of the same plugin with additional functionality. Support of the plugin is often limited with the free version, but available with the premium version. It all comes down to whether you need the additional functionality, or like to support the developers if you don't.

It's A Business

Just like you, developers are running a business. I'm sure you like to get paid and so do developers. It's a mistake to treat software like the WordPress ecosystem as 'only' free. I use many premium plugins, and in many cases I won't build a site without them. Most of my go to plugins are premium. I also use free plugins, but I'm always wary about the quality of any plugin. I limit plugins to ones I know are quality. That usually means premium, but not always. Stability of code and support are of incredible value to me, and hopefully is to you too.

Your website is a huge part of the marketing of your business, so if that means paying for a premium plugin to achieve results, it should be a no brainer! But, of course, is a call for you 🙂



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